Population Of Jammu | Jammu Population 2019

Population Of Jammu | Jammu Population 2019:- Jammu is a city in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu is situated on the banks of the Tawi River and the foothills of Himalayas, Jammu is known for its ancient temples and famous Hindu shrines. Rohtak Population


Population Of Jammu

To know the actual figure of the population of Jammu in 2019, we have to look at the population of the last 4/5 years. They are as follows:

  • 2014 – 710,394
  • 2015 – 731,440
  • 2016 – 749,505
  • 2017 – 768,469
  • 2018 – 783,317
  • Jammu Population 2019 –797,901 (estimated).

After looking at the population of Jammu from 2014-18; the population has increased by about 72,923 in the last 5 years. From this data, we can see that every year the population goes up by 14,584. So, the population of Jammu in 2019 as per estimates = 797,901.

Jammu Population 2019 –797,901 (estimated).

Population Of Jammu | Jammu Population 2019



As of 2011 census, the population of Jammu city was 502,197. Males constituted 52.7% of the Jammu population; females numbered constituted 47.3% of the population. The sex ratio in Jammu was 898 females per 1,000 males against the national average of 940. Jammu had an average literacy rate of 89.66%, much higher than the national average of 74.4%: male literacy was 93.13% and female literacy was 85.82%.


Religion In Jammu

Religion in Jammu District (2011)
ReligionPer cent


Most of Jammu and Kashmir’s Hindus live in the Jammu region and are closely related to the Punjabi-speaking peoples in the Punjab state; many speak Dogri, Dogri is a dialect of Punjabi.



Muslim communities

The Jammu had a significant Muslim people prior to the Partition of India. During the 1947 Jammu massacres, which happened during the Pakistan tribal invasion of Kashmir, a large number of Muslims were killed and the rest drove away to Pakistan. As a result of the violence and migration, by 1961, less than 10 per cent of the population in Jammu was Muslim. Many famous Punjab people in Pakistan, including economist Mahbub ul Haq, Air Marshal Asghar Khan, journalist Khalid Hasan and singer Malika Pukhraj were from Jammu.



Jammu has a number of small industries. Jammu has a number of woodgrain mills to cater to the local people. The famous local Basmati Rice is produced in RS Pura area near Jammu, which is then processed in rice mills in Jammu. Industrial estate at Bari Brahamna has a large presence of Industrial units manufacturing a variety of products right from carpets, electronic goods, electric goods etc. Bari Brahamna also has a freight rail link that helps carry the goods manufactured here to other parts of India.



Jammu has an average elevation of 300 m. Jammu is surrounded by the Shivalik range to the north, east and southeast while the Trikuta Range surrounds it in the north-west. Jammu is approximately 600 kilometres from the national capital, New Delhi.

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