Population Of Meghalaya | Meghalaya Population 2019

Population Of Meghalaya | Meghalaya Population 2019:- Meghalaya is an Indian state in northeastern India. Meghalaya means “the abode of clouds” in Sanskrit. Meghalaya covers an area of approximately 22,430 sq km.

Meghalaya’s Capital is Shillong. Meghalaya Is known as “Scotland of the East”. Meghalaya was previously part of Assam, but in 1972, the districts of Khasi, Garo and Jaintia hills became the new state of Meghalaya. English is the official language of Meghalaya. About 70% of Meghalaya is forested.

Meghalaya has predominantly an Agriculture economy with a significant commercial forestry industry. Meghalaya’s gross state domestic product for 2012 was estimated at ₹16,173 crore (US$2.3 billion) at current prices. Meghalaya is geologically rich in minerals, but it has no significant industries. Meghalaya is also a major logistical centre for trade with Bangladesh. Population Of Nagaland


Population Of Meghalaya

To know the actual population of Meghalaya in 2019, We have to look at the inhabitants of the past 5 years. They are as follows:

  • 2014 – 3.23 Million
  • 2015 – 3.32 Million
  • 2016 – 3.40 Million
  • 2017 – 3.47 Million
  • 2018 – 3.536 Million
  • Meghalaya Population 2019 –3.5972 Million. (estimated).

By looking at the population from 2014-18; We can see that The population of Meghalaya has increased by 0.306 Million in the last 5 years. So, on average, the population goes up every year by 0.0612 Million. Hence, the population of Meghalaya in 2019 according to the estimates is 3.5972 Million.

Meghalaya Population 2019 –3.5972 Million.(estimated).

Population Of Meghalaya | Meghalaya Population 2019


Demographics Of Meghalaya

Ethnic groups in Meghalaya 2011:

  • Khasi: 34%
  • Garo: 30.5%
  • Jaintia: 18.5%
  • Bengali: 7.5%
  • Nepali: 3.5%
  • Hajong: 1.2%
  • Biate: 1.1%
  • Koch: 1.0%
  • Tiwa (Lalung): 0.9%
  • Rabha: 0.8%
  • Kuki: 0.5%
  • Shaikh: 0.3%
  • Other: 0.2%

Meghalaya recorded the highest decennial population growth of 27.82% among all the 7 north-eastern states, as per the provisional report of census 2011. As per the census of India 2011, the sex ratio in Meghalaya was 986 females per 1,000 males which was far higher than the national average of 940.


Religion In Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one of the Indian states to have a Christian majority. About 75% of the Meghalaya people practices Christianity, with Presbyterians, Baptists and Catholics the more common denominations. The religion in Meghalaya is closely related to their ethnicity.

Conversion from indigenous to Christianity began in the 19th century under British rule. In the 1830s, American Baptist Foreign Missionary Society had become active in Northeast to convert indigenous tribes to Christianity.

Meghalaya Population By Religion (2011)

  • Meghalaya Christianity Population:- 74.59%
  • Meghalaya Hindu Population:- 11.52%
  • Meghalaya Muslim Population:- 4.39%
  • Meghalaya Sikhism Population:- 0.10%)
  • Meghalaya Buddhism Population:- 0.33%
  • Meghalaya Jainism Population:- 0.02%
  • Meghalaya Tribal religions:- 8.70%
  • Others:- 0.35%


Languages In Meghalaya

English is the official language of Meghalaya. The most spoken languages in Meghalaya are Khasi and Garo followed by Pnar, Bengali, Nepali, War, Hindi, Hajong and Assamese.

Bengali, Assamese, Nepali and Hindi are spoken by many people living mostly in the East Khasi Hills district and the West Garo Hills district.

English is spoken as a common language all across the diverse ethnic and demographic groups.

Languages of Meghalaya in 2011

  •   Khasi (33.82%)
  •   Garo (31.60%)
  •   Pnar (10.69%)
  •   Bengali (6.44%)
  •   Nepali (1.85%)
  •   War (1.73%)
  •   Hindi (1.62%)
  •   Hajong (1.40%)
  •   Assamese (1.34%)
  •   Others (9.51%)



Economy Of Meghalaya

Meghalaya is predominantly Agricultural economics. Agriculture and related activities engage nearly two-thirds of the Meghalaya’s total workforce. However, the contribution of the Agriculture sector to the State’s NSDP is only about one-third. Despite the large percentage of the people engaged in agriculture, Meghalaya imports food from other Indian states. Infrastructural constraints have also prevented the economy of Meghalaya from creating high-income jobs at a pace commensurate with that of the rest of India.

Meghalaya’s gross state domestic product(GSDP) for 2012 was estimated at ₹16,173 crore (US$2.3 billion) at current prices. As of 2012, according to the Reserve Bank of India, about 12% of total Meghalaya population is below the poverty line.



Meghalaya is basically an agricultural state with about 80% of Meghalaya’s people depending entirely on agriculture for their livelihood. Agriculture in Meghalaya is characterised by limited use of modern techniques, low yields and low productivity. As a result, despite the vast majority of the population being engaged in agriculture, the contribution of agricultural production to the Meghalaya’s GDP is low, and most of the population engaged in agriculture remain poor.

Rice is the dominant food grain crop accounting for over 80% of the food grain production in Meghalaya. Other important food grain crops are wheat, maize, and a few other cereals and pulses. Besides these, potato, turmeric, black pepper, ginger, areca nut, Bay leaf, betel, short-staple cotton, jute, mesta, mustard and rapeseed etc. are some of the important cash crops. Besides the major food crops of rice and maize, Meghalaya is renowned for its horticultural crops like orange, lemon, pineapple, guava, litchi, banana, jack fruits and fruits such as plum, pear and peach.



Meghalaya has a rich base of natural resources. These include minerals such as coal, sillimanite, limestone, Kaolin and granite among others. Meghalaya has a large forest area, rich biodiversity, and numerous water bodies. The low level of industrialisation and the relatively poor infrastructure base acts as an impediment to the exploitation of these natural resources in the interest of the Meghalaya’s economy.


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