Population Of Nashik | Nashik Population 2019

Population Of Nashik | Nashik Population 2019:- Nashik is an ancient holy city in the northern region of Maharashtra. Nashik is Situated on the banks of river Godavari. Nasik is Popular for being one of Hindu pilgrimage sites, that of Kumbh Mela which is held every 12 years. Nashik is the 4th largest city in Maharashtra.

Nashik located about 190 km north of state capital Mumbai, is called the “Wine Capital of India” because half of India’s vineyards and wineries are located in Nashik. Kanpur Population


Population Of Nashik

To know the real population of Nashik in 2019, we have to look at the population of the past 4/5 years. They are as follows:

  • 2014 –1.95 Million
  • 2015 –2.04 Million
  • 2016 – 2.16 Million
  • 2017 – 2.21 Million
  • 2018 – 2.27 Million
  • Nashik Population 2019 –2.334 Million. (Estimated).

After seeing the population of Nashik from 2014-18, it has been seen that the Nashik populace has gone up by 0.32 Million in the past 5 years. Therefore, every year the Nashik population increases by 0.064 Million. So, The population of Nashik in 2019 is 2.334 Million.

Nashik Population 2019 –2.334 Million. (estimated).


Population Of Nashik | Nashik Population 2019



Nashik is the 5th largest city in Maharashtra in terms of people after Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Thane. According to the 2011 Census of India, Nashik had a population of 1,486,053. Males make 782,517 of the population and females 703,536. Nashik had an average literacy rate of 89.85%: male literacy was 93.40%, and female literacy was 85.92%. The sex ratio in Nashik is 894 females for 1000 males



Hinduism is the majority religion in Nashik with 85.21 % followers. Islam is the 2nd most popular religion in Nashik with approximately 8.90 % following it. In Nashik, Christianity is followed by 1.00 %, Jainism by 1.10 %, Sikhism by 0.39 % and Buddhism by 0.39 %. Around 0.05 % described ‘Other Religion’, approximately 0.17 % described ‘No Particular Religion’.

Population By Religion
ReligionPer cent
Distribution of religions
Includes not stated and others.


Population Density And Growth

The population density is about 6200 persons per square kilometre. The population growth rate is 3.09%. Nashik has a high number of people moving to this city for various reasons and it has influenced the strong resident growth rate of the city of Nashik.



In 1925, the table grape revolution was started, by Raosaheb Jairam Krishna Gaikwad. Today, table grapes are exported to Europe, the Middle East, and all over Asia.



Nashik situated in the northern part of Maharashtra state. Trimbakeshwar is about 30 km from Nashik, it is where from river Godavari originates. The land area of Nashik is about 100.05 sq mi. Anjaneri near Nashik is the place of birth of Lord Hanuman.

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